Nova Title Agency, Inc. "Nova" was founded in 1999 and its Main Office is located in Solon, Ohio.  In 2016, Nova expanded its operations with the addition of a Satellite Office in Wooster, Ohio. Nova is a full-service real estate title agency providing title and closing services throughout the State of Ohio.


To provide dedicated and consistent customer service to our clients while maintaining the highest level of technology, training and quality assurance.




Nova was originally created to meet and support the needs of the default industry by providing title evidence as part of the foreclosure process.  Its business extended to represent mortgage lenders and servicers by providing title and escrow support for REO properties.   That part of our business has steadily increased over the last several years. Nova  has expanded its business to the retail market by providing title and escrow closing services to bankers, mortgage lenders, attorneys and real estate brokers in residential and commercial transactions.

Nova understands the importance of providing fast and accurate service. We utilize and train capable personnel to service the needs of our clients. Nova has implemented an ongoing program to cross train members of its team.  This allows any team member to assist with our clients needs.  We know the importance of customer service and have established internal parameters in order to provide the highest response times to clients along with open communication.  We strive to achieve continuity in our daily functions so that customers have the confidence in the people that provide service to them.  Nova employees have been in their positions for an average of five years.

Nova realizes the importance of quality work.  In the title industry, accuracy is the most vital element to success.  We have developed a highly sophisticated technology system in order to eliminate the chance of human error.  Our experienced staff implements the system to reduce our client's exposure to a microscopic level.  This technology also allows us to customize our services to meet the client's needs.


Nova Title Agency, Inc. is licensed by the State Department of Insurance.  We have 3 attorneys and 6 licensed title agents on our team.  We are members of The Ohio Land Title Association.  Our Attorneys provide State licensed Continuing Education for Realtors and Attorneys throughout the year. 

Our goal is to provide value to our customers in every transaction.  Here is what a few of our customers have to say about Nova Title:

"Nova Title's approach has changed the way we feel about title insurance.  Nova Title has a unique value proposition-they allow us to focus on our core business, comfortable with the knowledge that our deals will be handled efficiently.  Nova Title helps us understand the local market, and they make us aware of trends that affect us every day."

-Mark Holz, Developer

"Nova Title does the little things-they look out for the best interests of the client, and are willing to go the extra mile to get a deal done. It is not unusual for Nova Title to have one of its Attorneys sign a Buyer and go directly to the Recorders office so a Buyer can get the keys the same day. We trust Nova Title with our business."

-Leonard Cuturic, Homebuilder